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Paging Mr. Elaine Chao

Posted by Allan on January 21, 2011

Mrs. and Mr. Elaine Chao

Really, who is better positioned inside the Republican Party to stand up to the racism of Rush Limbaugh than Senator Mitch McConnell?

As the Senate Minority Leader and the spouse of Elaine Chao, only he combines the gravitas of senior leadership with a direct connection to the Asian-American community.

Surely a man with his power cannot stand by and watch his wife and children mocked by a circus clown who seems intent on ensuring that the GOP earns zero minority votes. I’m sure that if citizens call this racist routine to Senator McConnell’s attention, he’ll bravely step forward and challenge Limbaugh publicly.

You can reach his DC office at: (202) 224-2541
Louisville: (502) 582-6304

Please use the comments to report on how your call to McConnell’s office went.


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Party planning in Rand Paul’s Libertarian Utopia

Posted by Allan on June 13, 2010

I threw a little comic strip together over at stripcreator to give you a preview of what’s in store if property rights are allowed to trump civil rights. Your thoughts?

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Meg Whitman unveils latest campaign ad

Posted by Allan on March 4, 2010

And it’s a doozy.

Although I thought they would save the reveal until after the election…

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Projection: It’s what’s for breakfast

Posted by Allan on January 28, 2010

Ah the morning after the SOTU.

The pundits speak.

As usual, the blatant projection is overwhelming.  Mouseover the image for excerpts from their commentary.

Folks, that’s not your TV, that’s a mirror.

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Meet the Republican slate for 2010

Posted by Allan on January 20, 2010

What can Brown do for you?

We've got your stimulus package right here!

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I welcome our new naked overlords

Posted by Allan on January 19, 2010

Congratulations to Senatorfold Scott Brown.

The initial launch of the MittRomneyBot 2.0 has gone rather well, don’t you think?

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Election night at michellemalkin.com

Posted by Allan on January 17, 2010

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The shields are down

Posted by Allan on January 17, 2010

You know, the teabaggers are extra vigilant for liberal trolls these days.  Tea Party Nation recently crowed that they had blocked an attempt by Rachel Maddow to access their website, and you know it had to really be Rachel Maddow because no one ever uses a false name on the internet.

And if there’s a ground zero for teabagging at this moment in time, it would have to be Massachusetts.  The special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat has proud pre-enlightenment patriots everywhere squirming with anticipation as they open wide to accommodate the manly nutsack of Scott Brown (R-Sears Catalog).

That’s why you can rest assured that the vigilant Americans at Tea Party Patriots would never allow a breach of the hull to persist for three days and counting…

Remind me again why we’re supposed to be afraid of these people?

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The teabagger theory of voting

Posted by Allan on January 17, 2010

I hate big government.  You can’t trust a single word a politician says.  As soon as you elect them they tax and spend. 

That’s why I’m voting for the politician who says he hates big government and promises not to tax and spend.

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Scott Brown has no clothes

Posted by Allan on January 17, 2010

treasure trail

Carrie Prejean + Chest Hair = Scott Brown

I just thought I should point that out.

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