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Paging Mr. Elaine Chao

Posted by Allan on January 21, 2011

Mrs. and Mr. Elaine Chao

Really, who is better positioned inside the Republican Party to stand up to the racism of Rush Limbaugh than Senator Mitch McConnell?

As the Senate Minority Leader and the spouse of Elaine Chao, only he combines the gravitas of senior leadership with a direct connection to the Asian-American community.

Surely a man with his power cannot stand by and watch his wife and children mocked by a circus clown who seems intent on ensuring that the GOP earns zero minority votes. I’m sure that if citizens call this racist routine to Senator McConnell’s attention, he’ll bravely step forward and challenge Limbaugh publicly.

You can reach his DC office at: (202) 224-2541
Louisville: (502) 582-6304

Please use the comments to report on how your call to McConnell’s office went.


6 Responses to “Paging Mr. Elaine Chao”

  1. kittylittr said

    OK, me first. I called his DC office, and the person there pled ignorance of what I was speaking of. Explained the background and why McConnell should respond.

    The Louisville office was a hoot. As soon as the woman answering the phone grasped what I was calling about she put me on hold and left me there to hang up. I repeatedly recalled, and of course they have caller ID, so they kept putting me on hold without talking to me.

    She exhibited just about as much courage under stress as you would expect from the employees of the Quivering Wattle.

  2. i’d like to sign up for this newsletter. (linked, also, too.)

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  4. Ha! Good one, Allan! I’ll try too and let you know how it goes. Plus, I’ll toss a front-page link up at the Roast sometime over the weekend. You may want to let ABL know too. Great idea.

  5. gimmeabreak said

    Little shit that answered the phone (DC office) told me “There are no plans for the Senator to make any comment about Mr. Limbaugh’s statements”.

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