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Party planning in Rand Paul’s Libertarian Utopia

Posted by Allan on June 13, 2010

I threw a little comic strip together over at stripcreator to give you a preview of what’s in store if property rights are allowed to trump civil rights. Your thoughts?


6 Responses to “Party planning in Rand Paul’s Libertarian Utopia”

  1. Very nice.

    And the gibbertarian solution would be to fire all the lactose intolerant/black/Jewish/born out of wedlock/female employees so the non-lactose intolerant/black/Jewish/born out of wedlock/female employees could have office parties wherever they want.

  2. Love the strip! The GOP is co-opting libertarianism and getting rid of its few redeeming features — such as pot legalization — and emphasizing its worst elements, fusing property rights with corporate personhood. I was struck with how Rep Barton, in his now-infamous speech, mentioned individuals and corporate entities as equivalent concepts. He had to walk back parts of his remarks for political expediency, but not that part. It’s their true mindset and always has been. This will not end well.

  3. GFY said

    In the real world of the market, the intolerants may survive, but, as in the past, during the anti-immigrant waves of the 19th Century, commerce and morality eventually one out. Sorry your socalled “civil rights” do not trump my property rights, because with out property rights, you do not have civil rights, they are the rock of civil rights – you wandering “mind” must have be “taught” at a public “school”

  4. kittylittr said

    Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Fuckyourself, or may I call you Go?

    My wandering mind was indeed taught at a public school, where I also learned about the proper use of quotation marks and possessive pronouns. I’m sorry those were left off the curriculum from which your mother home-schooled you.

    I’m especially grateful you came by to visit thanks to the recommendation of your friend, Andrew Breitbart. I’ve had more visits today to this site than in months. I think I’ll have to tweet about him more often.

    Oh, and shouldn’t you be out doing RW GOTV, aka curb-stomping defenseless girls and terrorizing elderly black voters in their own homes?

  5. Rudi said

    Property rights ARE human rights – that’s the difference between freedom and serfdom.

    • kittylittr said

      Actually, human rights precede property rights. Unless you’re asserting the right to enslave, murder, rape, steal and kill as long as you’re on your own private property.

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