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Teach every child about food

Posted by Allan on February 12, 2010

A critical corollary to the current conversation about health care reform comes from Jamie Oliver in this riveting presentation at the TED conference.  Remember, folks, we can’t just figure out a way to make sure that every American gets his/her diabetes supplies and think we’ve solved the health care crisis in the US.

There is a video segment at about eleven minutes that is simply flabbergasting.  

I didn’t realize how alienated people have become from the source of their food.

hat tip: tristero


2 Responses to “Teach every child about food”

  1. Mrs. Polly said

    Allan, that’s an amazing clip. I can understand a child being clueless about eggplant (alien chrysalis!), but tomato?

    Of course, when I was their age, I could recognise an eggplant, but I thought the Pope was a kind of tree. And God smote me with roundness.

  2. kittylittr said

    It’s not as if I actually ATE any of them, except for cucumbers, and maybe green beans if they weren’t canned, but I was actually familiar with my vegetables as well. Of course, we had a small vegetable garden in the backyard.

    Watching those kids it occurred to me that they would not appreciate why onion rings are ring-shaped because they lack familiarity with the onion’s structure. And that seemed as sad to me as not appreciating how the words we use to communicate today evolved over time and across cultures.

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